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EPSYL Consulting

Mesures, Métrologie

Découvrir des techniques de mesures non destructives, à travers l’optique, l’infrarouge et la thermographie:

  • Imagerie infrarouge pour le CND thermique quantitatif
contrôle et mesures

Recruitment consulting

EPSYL is a recruiter specialized in profiles from Bac + 3 to Bac + 5 in the fields of Engineering & Industry, IT & Digital in various fields of activity. There is a dedicated team to ensure both the needs of EPSYL and the recruitment needs of EPSYL customers.

Our strength is to recruit quickly, efficiently, at lower costs: Attract - Recruit - Build loyalty.

Thermal Engineering Training

Since thermal optimization requires a high level of expertise in various domains (modelling-simulation, tests & validation, metrology), EPSYL proposes adapted and tailor-made training sessions each year.

A team of experienced engineers ensures the preparation and the deployment of training programs in thermal engineering to address the needs of three audiences:

  • universities and engineering schools, for diploma or non-diploma thermal training: group lessons, practical work, training in the handling of equipment and testing means. These training courses are carried out in close collaboration with the members of the platform known as PRES (Research and Higher Education Program) of the Universities of Bordeaux and Toulouse;
  • companies and research organizations, for professional training (intra and inter companies, VAE…) adapted to the areas of application, with calculation and simulation tools and equipment manipulation;
  • the general public for awareness-raising, training and demonstration sessions adapted to the general public.

Please note that these adapted and tailor-made training sessions are well suited to mechanical engineers to extend their expertise to thermal and mechanical joint issues or electronic engineers to develop and manage the issue of cooling.

EPSYL offers training, awareness-raising and demonstration tools adapted to the needs of its audiences (Approved training organization - Approval number 73.31.01745.31).

Training catalog