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With more than 150 employees and more than 25 years of experience, EPSYL offers and services are organized around 4 skills:

Design Office and Experimental Platform

EPSYL's teams are organized into competence centres in the various EPSYL branches: competence centre for physical engineering, software engineering and finally systems engineering and testing. One of EPSYL's particularities is that it has the experimental means to expand on its studies with scientific equipment integration or validation tests.

EPSYL's intellectual approach is based on the triptych: Modelling-Simulation / Validation-Verification Tests / Data-Sciences. The models are thus validated by tests and the results are interpreted by an "in-depth" analysis of all the available data.

EPSYL has the capacity to undertake design-build and test projects in its own technical facilities or by mobilizing the faculties of the ALCEN group.

Most of EPSYL's team members come from engineering schools, many of them with a PhD. This high-level training enables EPSYL to commit to complex and risky projects.

Scientific Expertise

EPSYL leads a community of experts from the world of public research (CEA, CNRS, INRIA). These experts are available to EPSYL's clients to provide support in the preliminary or critical phases of projects. The idea is to take advantage of the numerous and sometimes long-standing experiences of the partnering experts.

A few examples include:

  • Expertise in multiphysics modelling and numerical methods (Daniel Verwaerde, former General Administrator of the CEA),
  • Expertise in Cryogenics (Jean-Paul PERIN, Former Director of Cryo-technology Research at the CEA and International Expert),
  • Expertise in thermal metrology (Strategic partnership with the teams of the TREFLE department of the I2M (Institute of Mechanics and Engineering) in Bordeaux).

Contact us to benefit from the unique experience of our experts.

In addition to individual experts, EPSYL cultivates a close relationship with certain R&D laboratories which can be mobilized if the need arises.

Technical Assistance

Some of our customers have expressed the need to integrate one or more of our collaborators within their teams. EPSYL has responded to this demand by opening up branches throughout France (Bordeaux, Aix-en-Provence, Paris, Toulouse and Nantes). Other locations are being studied in France, Europe and Africa. Our technicians and engineers therefore travel to the client’s facilities to carry out studies over long periods of time.


Our intra-company or inter-company training is provided by our experts alternating theoretical courses, practical cases or even real cases. Our laboratory technicians also offer training in the handling of equipment and test methods. These thermal engineering training courses are given on request and can be adapted to the specific needs of our customers.

Recruitment Consulting

EPSYL continuously adapts to the needs of its customers. In order to respond to recruitment difficulties, EPSYL offers recruitment or pre-recruitment services for high-level technical executives, whether or not coupled with intellectual services.

A team is dedicated to this offer and ensures several dozen recruitments each year.

Our assets are our agility, our technical expertise and finally, our prices.