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The Company

Founded in 1992, EPSYL (formerly named EPSILON) is a design office specialized in the field of physical engineering and scientific computing. With around two hundred employees, EPSYL offers high-level services in strategic business sectors (space, aeronautics, energy) for large accounts but also for technological SMEs.

A benchmark in thermal engineering, EPSYL has extended its offers to multi-physical engineering (mechanical, fluidic, thermal), scientific computing (data analysis) and the design-production of scientific equipment.

Our Distinctive Approach

Optimizing the potential of digital simulation in order to reduce the development costs of industrial products and improve their safety.

The teams at EPSYL focus their work on the notion of digital twins, established from physical models of the systems studied or from the data sets that characterize the systems.

Our difference: Combining skills in physics and computer science (Digital for Physics). This dual culture makes the difference and gives EPSYL’s teams a very high level of expertise.

Our plus: Studying and manufacturing prototypes or demonstrators. The teams at EPSYL don’t just stop at design studies, they commit themselves to their results by building test benches or scientific equipment.

Since 1992
200 employees
12M€ in revenue
5 agencies in France and 1 in Morocco

Our Branches

EPSYL is structured into branches throughout France in order to operate as close as possible to its customers and to offer technical assistance. EPSYL also opened a branch in Casablanca, Morocco in 2019.


Our Team

Available throughout France and in Morocco, our team is ready to provide additional information and to help make your project a reality.

Accreditations, Certifications, Clearances

French Research Tax Credit (Crédit Impôt Recherche - C.I.R.)

EPSYL holds C.I.R. accreditation from the French Ministry of Research. This accreditation is associated with major investments in the field of R&D for several years. It allows EPSYL’s customers to benefit from this tax credit on the work entrusted to EPSYL.

Download the accreditation

ISO 9001 Certification, Version 2015

EPSYL has been ISO 9001 certified for many years. Its quality management system is at the heart of the company’s governance and is what allows EPSYL to conclude contracts with major industrial actors. For over two years now, EPSYL has possessed the 2015 version of the ISO 9001 certification, which highlights risk management.

Download EPSYL’s ISO 9001 Certificate
Download EPSYL’s Quality Manual

Defence Secrecy Clearance

EPSYL is authorized to carry out work with a “Defence Secrecy” type of security level. Most of EPSYL’s personnel has “defence secrecy” security clearance.

Please contact us to receive a copy of our clearance

Note from the President of EPSYL

Every day, we work with our clients on all types of projects in consulting, studies, integration and implementation in the various sectors of industry.

Our commitment is total, that is to say that we constantly raise the level of our services in order to constantly bring more to our customers.

We know that it is the rigour of our approach that makes the difference.

We insist particularly in all phases of our missions, on the development of a maximum proximity between our teams and our customers' teams, because that is what is needed for a true and long-lasting partnership.

All of these elements constitute the soul of our commitment, the basis for us to succeed, with you, in your project.